Awesome BBQ Session planned to celebrate ORD!


So thankful to see the success of such a super exciting BBQ session to celebrate some of our ORDs! (: Thank you Abraham and many others who first believed in me that I could held and plan for the BBQ foods and ingredients such that the budget wouldn’t be exceeded. Usually in the past, when there’s a cookoff session for eg, there would always be some other people who came down to help out with the planning, budget and everything else. But today was a step out of my comfort zone! This was something I didn’t do before! If not for Fuyu, Weihowe and Jasper who came down early to help me out, it wouldn’t have been so successful! (: Thankful and grateful for such great opportunity :))  Also, thank you Jasper for opening your awesome house for this BBQ to happen:) What a super amazing and fun session we all had! (:

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