What a powerful day!

Today is simply a day I couldn’t forget. Started the day with a heart of expectancy, but didn’t expect to receive so much more! Never see a BM duty as a duty, but a heart and a desire to serve. What I received the first thing in the morning was knowing the fact about how our Pastors still gave their very best into preparing, preaching over this weekend despite the fact that both of them already gave their all in all of the LEAD messages for 3 days straight even though they just touched down Singapore and might be still experiencing jet lag. This totally changed the whole perspective of me serving. If our Pastors can do this, why not we shouldn’t feel tired anymore? I am truly blessed to have such amazing Pastors who never fails to always give their best in each and every service!

Not just that, today was the 3rd but the last part of “The Character Test” series! Just through today’s message by SP How, I could really see and tell the heart of our Pastors. That our Pastors always have such a big heart for others! That our Pastors really displayed most of the Christ-likeness character in them! (: Just to say, one of the part which impacted me the most is the part on our character is revealed by how we respond to conflicts, which is super true! We just got to be like Abraham, be magnanimous! (generous or forgiving; especially towards a rival or less powerful person) It really humbled my heart all over again and changes the way I look at conflicts, such that conflicts are never the same again! When a conflict happens, people of either parties would always seek “justice” or “fairness” as their destination so as to end the conflict, which happens to be a common mistake- Simply because it will just make the conflict even worse or even unsolvable! It is shown clearly in the verses that the blessings of God still came and they came after Abraham got taken advantaged of. (That doesn’t mean that we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of too easily, we should still guard our hearts such that it wont go against our principles!) If not, it will truly reveal your true self, that you are actually like the bad guy. Sometimes, we just have to show mercy and be the good guy! Yes, we might still be taken advantaged of, but if we always take advantage of others or simply means if we are selfish (bad character), this would definitely prevent God from establishing a relationship with us, which in turn means blessings would not be able to come! Remember: There is no justice on this earth, but God will bless you right back even more!!! What a powerful part of the sermon!
I’m so gonna re-listen to this again in tomorrow’s service, so excited for it!! 😀

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