It has been 1 week ever since…

Yes, it has been 1 week ever since my previous chapter of life was closed- army. Time really flies! Actually, I dont know why but I think I had the “camp withdrawal syndrome”, like everyone else had when they ord-ed last time. Like all of a sudden, I’m back home again and I could always stay at home or go home from outside whenever I like. It may sound like: wouldnt it be great to have that? Why am I feeling funny? I should be feeling happy right? Well, you guys are wrong! 2 years may seemed short, but it has already became part of my life as I already got adapted to it. And now, I have got to re-adapted back to cv life again.

Frankly speaking, I really miss all the camp times I had, those times when during the down period when we all will order food or cook maggi / pasta and eat together in the mess room or bunk during weeknights… I really miss all the chit chat sessions I used to had. And now they are all gone like mist. Everyone seperated their ways after collecting their pink ics…

Anyway, just to rewind until the start of my army life……

I could still remember that faithful day, 12 June 2014, my awesome cg mates, my awesome parents who sent me off. I still remembered the sight when I left pasir ris bus interchange with my awesome cg friends bidding goodbye to me….I still remembered the sight when my parents (with my mom teary eyed) bidding goodbye to me and assured me that everything would be okay… I still remembered the very first night when I first met my bunk buddy Guan Shin… I still remembered the very first night when I had to drag all the brang brang all the way up till the 5th floor (top most floor) like a christmas tree…let me tell you, it was crazy!

Soon, my beloved long hair was finally gone and I was bald. (Still missed that feeling of touching my bald head [if you know what I mean] but I would never want to become bald again haha) Then the physical training phase started for me. Everyday was like a torture to me as there were many insane number of counts of PT sessions and candance / speed runs. The worst feeling was after reveille, we had to run around the camp one round before b’fast, and that meant that we had to consume our b’fast so uncomfortably  with our sweaty and sticky bodies 😦 I was like thinking “wah early in the morning already made us sweat like a dog le”But of course, not all were bad. The good part was that we had at least 3h of admin time every night.

Then bmt began. Suddenly all the PT sessions became drills and outfield sessions. I still remembered the very first time we all had to camo on. Everyone was so unwilling to do it and as the instructor scolded us to hurry up, the sky became dark and it rained. We were all wet but we just camo-ed ourselves. I could never forget that moment.. Perhaps God was sending a message to us to tell us to be strong despite such circumstances. Then came the super dreadful field camp. Thank God that weather was good. But it was very hot as a result. Shellscrape day was one of the worst for me. I had so much difficulty in digging and it just got me tired and even more tired. After that, we all received our parents’ letters. I believed we all cried. I suddenly felt so touched and I just broke down. I knew I had to be stronger and things there did not seem as tough as it were actually.

After that it was my 24km route march to marina bay floating platform. I could still remember many times I really felt like giving myself up and falling out as my legs and back were failing……. Thank God I survived all the way till the end! So happy to successfully stand on the field of the floating platform and graduated as private! (:

Actually, you all would think that was all for my army life. Well, that was only the very first phase of it! There was the 20 months that I have yet to include here. But I believe that the very first phase was one of the most super memorable and unforgettable one.

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